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Is your hair not growing as fast as you would like?

Have dry scalp or hair breakage?

Going through a tough transition?

Is your hair currently damaged and you don't know what to do?

Whatever you're going through, Keziah can help. She will answer all of your personal questions you may have about your hair in this intimate phone call.

For just $199, you can add this private one-on-one session to your order. You will immediately receive an email with a link to Keziah's private calendar. 

There you can find a time and date that works with your schedule to book and speak to Keziah one-on-one to GET YOUR PROBLEM SOLVED personally by Keziah.

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"My hair is doing better! I did my deep conditioning a few days ago and I REALLY LIKE the results. My hair feels light with noticeable curl definition. It takes no time to do my hair in the morning. CurlCollege's protocol is a game changer for me." —Rica

We’re not messing around when it comes to customer happiness. If you ever have an issue with one of our product offers, just reach out to us within 30 days and we'll return your purchase, no questions asked. Whoohoo!

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"Since going natural I’ve struggled to manage my hair. I was overwhelmed with information and confused about what products to use. I didn't understand why certain products would work for my hair for a week and the next week dry it out." —Kiki


"Now I finally feel like I have control over my hair! Soon after signing up, I started to see more curl definition and volume with my curls! I've found the supportive community of women is absolutely priceless. I love our weekly calls. I no longer just desire to have beautiful curls, I actually have them!" —Kiki

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"I’ve had defined arms, legs, shoulders and abs. One thing I can say I’ve NEVER had was, defined curls!".
—Lisa @love_sweat_strength 


"CurlCollege helped me achieve the curl definition that I honestly did not think I had. The videos are easy to follow and we meet once a week on Facebook for a live meeting with other curly classmates. If you’re looking for some fresh ideas on curl management, you gotta check this out."
—Lisa @love_sweat_strength
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